Without You.

Here it is. My second ever poem. It has been months since the first but tonight felt like the night. I didn’t have to think twice about it. No scribbles on the page. Just pure feeling put into words. Meh. Feedback would be lovely. Enjoy x

I wasn’t always lost,
never hopeless but hoping.
Things are different now,
I have lost my senses.
Everything consumes me,
like flames to a cloth.
Suffocated by my emotion.
Suffocated by my fear to love again.
I can’t breathe.
Where are you?
I can’t find you.
I’m searching for you but I’m blind.
All I see is darkness.
You were my fire,
the flame to guide me.
It was once your eternal love that consumed.
You are gone and never shall return.
I am lost without you.

I miss you. 


Apollo and Artemis

I am a torrent of darkness,

under the never setting sun.

Two opposites are we,

Together as one.

Underneath the light,

of the never setting sun.

We are that inconsequential difference,

you know the one I mean,

between love and lust

that’s rarely ever seen.

I’ll be your moon,

You’ll be my sun.

You’ll be my Apollo

and I your Artemis.

Together as one,

for all eternity.